Our first episode, Love & Death, is a museum for your ears.  From the moment we human beings begin questioning love or death, we never really stop.  The unity of love, and the separation of death.  You could say that both drive us to be… better.

Love & Death by comeandlisten

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  1. Shir Oct 19, 2011 at 22:57

    hi Hannah, hello Alyssa,
    (This is Yoni’s sister.)
    What a beautiful, thought-provoking and moving session!! I loved it!!
    Two associations that came to mind:
    The renown child psychologist Rudolf Dreikurs (who was Jewish) believed that what children fundamentally want is to belong — i.e., to not be separate, esp. from their parents and siblings. I’ve certainly noticed this to be true with my kids. This exactly mirrors your definition of love in the beginning of the podcast.
    I also couldn’t help thinking that, actually, love is stronger than death, because our beloved’s death does not extinguish our love for him/her…
    todah raba for sharing your research with the world!!
    - Shir


  2. Joseph Olan Oct 28, 2011 at 16:20

    Good Morning Alyssa, Good Morning Hannah,

    A truly insightful session! Love and Death seem to have evolved a social construct which have bridged the psyche of ancient peoples to the present. Both of you captured this in an amazing way!

    I teach ancient history at Green Valley Ranch Middle School (North Denver) and in two weeks I will begin the Unit: The Origins and Development of Judaism. This podcast (I am going to subscribe on iTunes) will be a great highlight in the lesson to expose the students to. I will be more than happy to share with you comments or feedback from the students (11-12 years old) on this AMAZING session (just to see the perspective of these young minds).

    Thank you,


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